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Dangerously delectable. Sumptuously sinister!

Located in metro-Atlanta, serving delighted clients since 2019.

Company Founder: Brittany Self

About Us

Two years ago, Brittany volunteered to make a wedding cake for a dear friend. She had no idea that it would ultimately lead her to creating an entire business. BA Designs LLC was birthed from a passion to help others. What started off as a hobby flourished into something more. From wedding cakes, to sugar cookies, birthday cakes, and even grandma’s simple cake recipes, Brittany and her husband Darren can do it all!

Designer Creations

We deliver designer cakes, cookies and goodies to dazzle your palate. You can also pick from the classic, traditional to the eclectic.

Classic designs with a twist

Goodies and gift ideas

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Call us on (423) 508-4838 and book your BAD AZZ designer treat by phone.

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“… BA Designs provided the best service and highest quality cake that I have had in Atlanta…”

Angela JOnes